The ETP or STP process works on the principle of Electro Coagulation (EC), Floatation, Electro Oxidation (EO), Filtration and Chlorination. In Electro Coagulation Reactor (ECR) the charged ions on contacting numerous pollutants like suspended solids, bacteria, organics, serious metals etc. are neutralize, coagulate, flocculate and settled in the settling tank.


The coagulated water, pumped into Electro Oxidation Reactor (EOR) which is also called Mixed Oxidant Reactor since it is generating mixture of Chlorine, HOCl and Ozone. There is a bag filter which is collecting the sludge of 22 mg/ltr. In an EOR, by generation of HOCL (Hypo Chlorous Acid), Chlorination, Ozonation, etc. and removes colour and odour.  Following which the oxidized water (treated water) is collected in the treated water tank, after filtration by media filter and activated carbon filter.


This treated water shall be utilized for gardening directly Orelse the same shall be used for vessel cleaning, floor cleaning, toilet flush, etc. after chlorination.