ETP (Electrolytic Effluent Treatment e-ETP)


e-STP (Electrolytic Sewage Treatment e-STP)


ü  Does not generate greenhouse gases.

ü  Does not deplete atmospheric oxygen.

ü  Non chemical, Non biological, does not require any bacterial growth to be maintained.

ü  No need to maintain biomass, pH, temperature.

ü  No Aeration – No blower and need only electricity for process.

ü  Instant Start up time and no need to maintain MLSS.

ü  It is noise free, Odor free, as it does not generate obnoxious gases.

ü  Plug & Play: Switch ON/OFF @ will, when sewage is available.

ü  It can run on any plant load, independent of minimum load requirement.

ü  Independent of climate / temperature.

ü  Operating cost- very low, operate only if effluent is available. Man power-1

ü  Compact, Small footprint- 60% of land compared to biological process.

ü  Lower water recovery costs, as the effluent produced has less TDS.

ü  Easily removes the smallest colloidal particles, because the applied electric field sets them in faster motion, thereby facilitating the coagulation.

ü  The gas bubbles produced during electrolysis can carry the pollutant to the top of the solution where it can be more easily concentrated, collected and removed. The electrolytic processes in the cell are controlled electrically and with no moving parts, and hence requires less maintenance.