Electrolytic Effluent Treatment Plant (e-ETP)


This Electroyser is make in India by the group of Tiaano for treating the Industrial Effluents from Pharmaceutical, Textile, Dyeing, Dairy Distillery plants. Etc.

By using the Electro Oxidation Method, The function of Skid Mounted Electrolyser converting the effluent water into the reusable water by Removing COD/BOD , Deodourization, Disinfection, Decolorisation,   etc.

Can be expanded in future, Batch/Continuous operation, Start & Stop @ will, No Chemical, Non Biological, Modular Design, user Friendly, Plug & Play System and also the system makes Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) concept.

Different processes are in the e-ETP like, PRECIPITATION, FLOCCULATION, FLOATATION, DISINFECTION, DECOLOURISATION, DEODOURISATION, CHLORINATION. The output shall be utilised for Toilet Flush, Floor Cleaning, Cooling Tower, etc.

The attached image of Electro Oxidation is self Explanatory