Fabrication & Supply MMO Coated Plate for Electro Plating

Tiaano manufacturing and supplying platinized anodes and Iridium Anodes are widely used for electroplating and electro winning industrial applications. Electroplating is used in a variety of industries for coating metal objects with a thin layer of a different metal. This electrochemical process requires anodes. There are as many types of anode compositions as there are applications. Platinized Titanium, Iridium Coated Titanium and Platinised Niobium Electroplating anodes offer numerous benefits of Electro Plating Industry.

What is Electroplating?

Electroplating is used to coat certain metals with a thin layer of a pure metal, like silver or gold, copper, zinc or any of several alloys. During the process, an electric current passes through a solution known as an electrolyte. The composition of the electrolyte depends on the desired coating. The item being electroplated (cathode) is immersed into the electrolyte solution, as is the plating / coating anode. The two are then connected to an electrical current source, by connecting the positive end to the plating anode and the negative to the item being to be plated. Once current flows through the system positively charged metal ions become attracted to the negatively charged item, thereby coating the item with the desired finish.

Technical characteristics Titanium Based Anodes with Platinum Plating / Iridium Coating: high current efficiency; excellent corrosion resistance; long electrode life; electrode shape can be designed according to user needs; electrode substrate can be reused several times; no pollution to the medium (electrolysis); can withstand higher Current density.