HOCl is the used in many ways as a disfectant, sterilizing agent


Anolyte hypochlorous acid is one of the planet’ s most best sterilizer which is 200% to 300% more effective than bleach and contain no alcohol and no chemicals and safe to consume anywhere.

It is a most brilliant sterilizer which kill 99.9% pathogenic microorganisms including most virus within 30 seconds.

Most impressive is that this is the ecofriendly and nontoxic for humans.

 Doctors and dentist use it to treat open wound and burns and deep root canal treatment.

HOCl can be used as hand sanitizer, surface disinfectant and house hold cleaning such as vegetable wash and meat wash.

Tiaano design, manufacturing and supplying HOCl generating machines which can fog in the vehicles, trains, aircars and all public places.

 Disinfectants available in the market is in corrosive nature which can damage the metal parts in the vehicle.

For 250 sq.ft. area we need one liters of disinfectant to spray and should repeat in every trip, nearly 8 times a day and that we need 4 liter to 8 liters depends upon the vehicle size. 

Disinfectant available in the market Rs. 200 to Rs. 300 per liter which could not afford and we do not know the disinfectant quality and some disinfectant will cause the breathing problem and irritation.

Our HOCl machine will produce the HOCl solution Just for Rs. 1.30/- per liter and it is a non-corrosive nature and safe for humans and animals too and we can use it as sanitizers for the passengers. 

Tiaano supplied HOCl generating system recently to our Indian customer as below: