Electro deionization is a water treatment process of removing ions from water using DC power. The process Deionization requires the inflow of water through two ion which removes all salt content from water and purifies the water by swapping hydrogen and hydroxide ions for dissolved minerals and also removes other soluble particles like salts and organic acids.

The product is made up of titanium and coated with platinum to withstand corrosion, where titanium and platinum has good resistant. Titanium has less dense and strong durability than other metals and can withstand high temperature. Platinum is highly non-reactive and cannot be rusted easily because it has no iron on it.

Platinum Plated Titanium Sheet

Tiaano is expert in supplying various types of anodes for water treatment such as mesh anode, plate, sheet etc. Tiaano has a well-equipped engineers and in plant facilities to make their own product in their premise.

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