e- ETP (Electrolytic Effluent Treatment Plant)


e-STP (Electrolytic Sewage Treatment Plant)


ü  Non chemical, Non biological, and no need to maintain bacterial growth.ü  No need to maintain biomass, pH, temperature.

ü  No Aeration – No blower and need only electricity for process.

ü  Instant Start up time and no need to maintain MLSS.

ü  It is noise free, Odor free, as it does not generate obnoxious gases.

ü  Plug & Play system & It can run @ will, when sewage is available.

ü  It can run on any plant load, independent of minimum load requirement.

ü  Does not deplete atmospheric oxygen.

ü  Operating cost- very low, operate only if effluent is available.

ü  Compact, Very Small footprint land sufficient compared to biological process.

ü  Lower water recovery costs, as the effluent produced has less TDS.

ü  Easily removes the smallest colloidal particles, because the applied electric field sets them in faster motion, thereby facilitating the coagulation.

ü  No Sludge Management and hence there is a savings on Electricity

ü  The gas bubbles produced during electrolysis can carry the pollutant to the top of the solution where it can be more easily concentrated, collected and removed.

ü   The electrolytic processes in the cell are controlled electrically and with no moving parts, and hence requires less maintenance.