Tiaano supply Titanium Sheet in Different grades, Shapes and dimensions as per ASTM Standard Specification

Titanium are principally used for chemical process area where strength, Corrosion resistance, lightweight and ability to withstand extremes of temperature. It is 40% lighter than steel but as strong as high-strength steel. Titanium is an enormously useful metal. Its unique properties mean it sees widespread usage in an array of critical applications. Many applications require complete non-magnetic tools to be used in order to avoid any magnetic disturbance.

Tiaano offer Titanium material in different grades, shapes, and dimensions as per ASTM Standard Specification.

Titanium sheet provides excellent corrosion resistance, small density and non-toxic functionality. The pure surface produces a layer titanium oxide to secure its screen from corrosion. The layer is extremely adherent providing outstanding protection in the specific application conditions such as marine water, wet chlorine, hypochlorite, nitric acid, chromic acid, metal chlorides and organic salts. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance characteristics, titanium sheet has been successfully replacing the traditional materials for example, aluminium sheet, stainless steel sheet and others in the various application sectors.

Properties of Titanium Sheet:

1.         Small density as well as high tensile strength

2.         Superb corrosion resistance

3.         Elevated temperature resistance

4.         High thermal properties

5.         Resistance to acids and alkalis

6.         Non-toxic

Advantages of Titanium : Low weight, Good current resistance, Long operating life, maintenance free, economical, high dimensional stability and load resistance, extremely low consumption rate, high chemical stability, high conductivity is provided which resulting in better current distribution entire length, strength and ductility with supreme fabric ability and weld ability.