Tiaano e-ETP/e-STP  systems can treat all of the contaminants of any kind of effluent, within the small space, consuming less energy, does not deplete atmospheric oxygen,  can  start and stop at will, there is no need to maintain biomass concentration, pH and temperature and does not generate odor. 

System Capabilities:

·         Removes suspended and colloidal solids

·         Removes Heavy Metals & Removes Odour

·         Destroys and removes bacteria, High level of disinfection

·         Removes fats, oil and grease and meet CPCI discharge requirements.

·         Reduce Sludge upto 22mg/Ltr. (ie.22 gm sludge/1000 Ltrs. Water)   

e-STP adopts three major electrolytic processes to treat the effluent.

1)     Electro Coagulation 2] Electro Flotation and 3) Electro Oxidation

  1] Electro Coagulation: Most of the contaminants are charged by DC  electrical current and the contaminants are destabilized compressing the double layer and helps particles to come together. In the process of electrolysis, the ions in the water are precipitated and are coagulating. These coagulants and flocculants remove even colloidal particles by compellation improving the quality of treatment.

 2] Electro Flotation: Operating the system at the proper voltage and current imparts flotation energy to the coagulated particles through anode and micro gas bubbles released by cathode, in the process metal ions adhere to the pollutants, increase their size, gas micro structure help them to float on the surface and settled in the bottom of settling tank.

3} Electrolytic Advance oxidation: In the Oxidation process of electrolysis  mixed oxidation takes place at the surface of the anode where electrons are removed from the organic molecules to directly oxidize it. By generation of Hypo Chlorous Acid, Chlorine, Ozone the odour & colour can be removed.

The attached image is self explanatory about the difference between, the Raw Sample, sample after coagulation, treatment after co oxidation and final treatment.