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Tiaano's e-STP System with Electrolytic Concept

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The use of a Central Composite Design for the optimization. Arslen-Alton et al. concluded that the central composite design was used to optimize CI Acid Blue 193 treatment by electrocoagulation. The central composite design is capable of achieving maximum color, COD, TOC, by manipulating the COD, pH, electrical current density, and treatment time by means of a response surface quadratic model [9]. Cora and Hung were able to remove metallic ions between 90 and 99% after 30 minutes of treatment using an electrocoagulation/electrofiltration with a pH of 9.5 and cadmium chloride for the metallic ions [10]. [More]

Waste Water Treatment by Electrolytic Method, Electro

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In case of wastewater, the various pollutants become electrolytes and lower the electrical resistance in water. The electrolytes disassociate into cations, which move to the cathode, and anions, which travel to the anode, thus allowing continuous electrical flow in the water. An anion from the electrolyte will lose an electron and be oxidized when the electrolyte anion has less standard electrode potential than the hydroxide. A cation with a greater standard electrode potential than the hydrogen ion will also be reduced [More]

Chloro-Sanitizer Installation at Tiaano

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Chloro-Sanitizer Installation at Tiaano, Chennai [More]

Installation at Commissioner Office Chennai

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We have installed the Tiaano Water Sanitaion Chloro Sanitizer Generator at Chennai Commissioner Office . [More]

Installaton at Tiaano Office Chennai

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We have installed the Tiaano Water Sanitaion at our office. [More]