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The electrolyser consist of bi-polar anodes and cathodes that are arranged to form multiple cells. The number of cells depends on the specific design parameters and will vary from case to case. [More]

Manufacturing and Supply of MMO Coated Mesh/Plate for Electrolysis Process

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Electrolysis is an interaction by which electric flow is gone through a substance to impact a synthetic change. [More]

MMO Coated Titanium Electrodes for Electrolysis Process

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Tiaano is expert in manufacturing and supplying various anodes and cathodes with MMO and Platinum plating/coating. [More]

Manufacturing and Supply of MMO Coated Electrodes for Electrolysis

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Tiaano manufacturing and supplying various electrodes for water treatment, plating, electrolysis etc. as per customer needs. [More]

Supply of Electrode Assembly for the Generation of Sodium Hypochlorite as Disinfectant

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We, Tiaano do fabrication, supply of electrode assembly for the generation of sodium hypochlorite as disinfectant. Available chlorine capacity of 10 GPH to 1000 Grams. / Hr. for general application. Higher capacity with multifold cell assembly [more than 1250 kg/hr.] for industrial / commercial application. [More]

Supply of Electrolyzer 100 GPH for the Generation of Sodium Hypochlorite

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Tiaano, design and manufacturing Batch Type Electro Chlorinators, Titanium Electrolyzers and Titanium Electrode assembly for water treatment application with different cell arrangement. There are Parallel Plate Electrode (PPE), Concentric Tube Electrode (CTE) and Parallel Plate and Mesh Electrodes (PPME). [More]

Fabrication & Supply MMO Coated Plate for Electro Plating

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Tiaano manufacturing and supplying platinized anodes and Iridium Anodes are widely used for electroplating and electro winning industrial applications. [More]

Fabrication & Supply of MMO Coated Mesh Anode & Platinized Titanium Mesh Anode

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Tiaano manufacturing Iridium Based MMO coated Titanium mesh Anodes and Platinized Titanium mesh Anodes. These anodes are mostly suitable for the electro plating of precious metals like gold, platinum, palladium, chromium, nickel, rhodium and copper etc… [More]


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 The mass of dye taken up by the yarn or fabric divided by the total initial mass of dye in the water bath. Once the dyeing process reaches equilibrium, a portion of the dye remains in the dye bath and becomes part of the dye process wastewater. The exhaustion ratio depends on the quality of the dye and the characteristics of the fiber.These process waste water can be reused with the MMO Coated Electrodes.  These MMO coated electrodes very much used to remove the colour and odour. Also the MMO coated anodes with Titanium substrate shall be re coated, after the reasonable time. The attached images will be self explanatory.    

MMO coated Anode & Titanium Cathode for the generation of Sodium hypochlorite

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Tiaano, a complete design and manufacturing company launched a disinfection system called Chloro-Sanitizer Generator for the generation of Sodium Hypochlorite. [More]

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