Water Sanitation


Waste Water Treatment by Electrolytic Method

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This category of waste includes those that are persistent, resist treatment, or interfere with the operation of waste treatment facilities. Non-biodegradable organic or inorganic materials are the chief sources of wastes, which contain colour, metals, phenols, certain surfactants, toxic organic compounds, pesticides and phosphates [More]


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We, Tiaano design, manufacturing and supplying a machine ‘HOCl Generator’ which will produce Chlorine based Cleaning, Disinfecting & Sterilizing solution as Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) / Slightly Acidic Electrolyzed (SAE) Water / Electrochemically Activated (ECA) Water at the concentration of 5 to 800 ppm out of 0.5% salt brine (NaCl) to kill COVID-19 virus and save human from Coronavirus disease. [More]