Chloro-Sanitizer Generator Skid Assembly for Generation of Sodium-Hypochlorite

We Tiaano design, manufacturing & supplying of Chloro-Sanitizer Generator for generation of sodium hypochlorite as disinfect at site by using common edible salt to kill the Covid-19 virus. Not only generator, we are also supplying the full skid assembly of Chloro-Sanitizer Generator to all the commercial buildings. The Skid assembly includes,

1.    Chloro-Sanitizer Reactor.

2.    Booster Pump.

3.    1000 Litres Tank for Disinfectant.

4.    Skid Assembly.

5.    Wash Basin.

6.    CPVC Pipes and Fittings.

7.    Pulse Dozer.

 Refer the enclosed Skid installation document for the virtual view of the Generator and Skid.

Our Scope: Ready to fit (Plug & Play) type Generator and the Skid, you can install as per our installation and operation manual.