Electro Coagulation Electrode:

Electrodes used in electrocoagulation process. Aluminium, iron, or mild steel and magnesium are used for the EC process.

 Electro Coagulation Used:

Electrocoagulation (EC) is a technique used for wastewater treatment, wash water treatment, industrially processed water, and medical treatment.

Principle of Electro Coagulation:

Electrocoagulation (EC) is a technique for applying direct current to sacrificial electrodes that are submerged in an aqueous solution. EC is a straightforward and efficient technique to remove the flocculating agent produced by electro-oxidation of a sacrificial anode and generally made of iron or aluminium.

 Electrodes are best for Electro Coagulation:                              

Based on the result, can be concluded that Aluminium Electrodes are best for removal of turbidity and colour. Stainless Steel Electrodes is best for removal Total Chromium.