All the Government authorities expressed their view as all the industries should treat and reuse their waste. So all the industries who were consuming the water partly, try to consume maximum possible and also reduce the waste as much as possible. 

Those who are unable to avoid the waste from their process, has to treat the waste and reuse.  In any case they are not allowed to pollute the land. This waste needs an immediate attention for disinfection, since there is an immense pressure on local water resources and local environment pollution by the discharged waste water (effluent).

The Tiaano e-ETP system can effectively remove Organic contaminants, Turbidity, Suspended solids, Algae , odour, Heavy Metals, Colour, Fats/Oils/Grease, micro-organism, bacteria, disinfectants using Electro Coagulation and Electro Oxidation methods.

The suspended solids and pollutant de-established by coagulation and flocculation of contaminants which could be separated by settling process.  Oxidise both organic and inorganic electrolysis by direct oxidation on the anodes or indirect oxidation through by products such as hypo chlorous acid (HOCl). This skid mounted ETP Plant needs almost negligible manpower to treat even highly recalcitrant effluents.

Further the following advantages are with the Electrolytic Treated ETP System:

This system is an advance technology and easy to operate with less maintenance. Does not generate greenhouse gases, Does not deplete atmospheric oxygen and emits low carbon, Non chemical, non-biological process and Independent of toxicity, no need to maintain biomass, ph, temperature, etc.

The attached image is self explanatory.