Water treatment is any process that works on the quality to make the water purified to end use. The end use might be drinking, modern water supply, water system, stream upkeep, water entertainment or different purposes, including being securely returned to the environment. Water treatment eliminates pollutants and unwanted parts, or reduces their focus so the water becomes fit for its ideal end-use. This treatment is significant to human wellbeing and permits people to profit from both drinking and water system use.

Titanium resists all forms of corrosive attack by fresh water. The corrosion rate is very low or a slight weight gain is experienced. MMO coated titanium anodes are used in a variety of environments, including seawater, brackish water, freshwater, carbon backfill and concrete, due to their significant advantages.

Negatie mesh and MMO Coated Mesh

Advantages of MMO anodes:

  •        Proven reliability.
  •        Long life span.
  •        Multiple anode configurations available.
  •        Lightweight.
  •        Low cost.

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