Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Titanium Cylindrical Sheet Supplied to London, UK for Electro Plating application

Tiaano’s Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) are playing a vital role in electroplating application whereas forming a layer of metal(s) coating over the surface of objects by electrodeposition through a controlled electrolysis process.

During the process of electrodeposition anodes are dimensionally stable while using an advanced Tiaano’s Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) technology, which will transfer the desired metal from the electrolyte and form coating on cathode (object) 

Tiaano’s Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) anodes are superior than the conventional lead based anode as MMO anodes are dimensionally stable, good current conductor and supper competent to working at high current density application.  Which results a reliable uniform plating, less downtime, high power efficiency Etc.,

Tiaano MMO anodes are overcome the major drawbacks of conventional lead anode such as environmental pollution, high energy consumption, brittleness, lead waste, difficulty in producing different shapes, and easy paint fall off. With the increasing environmental concerns and severe pollution control.

Tiaano’s MMO anodes are guaranteed the high levels of mass transfer and low energy demand is MMO-coated titanium anodes submerged in a fluidized bed of nonconductive particles. The mineral rehabilitation system is used for the efficient recovery of minerals from dilute solutions whereas cannot adopt conventional electrolysis. The minerals that are recycled in this way are copper, nickel, zinc, and cobalt, and are used to recover cyanide-based electrolytes from gold, silver, copper, zinc, and cadmium cyanide, which are destroyed by the electrochemical method, due to the enhanced anode efficiency

Mixed Metal Oxide Titanium Anode for electroplating, its remains constant inter electrode gap throughout the design life. This maintains constant voltage and product quality.  It is proven to have lower anodic operating potentials, which is helpful for energy saving. The titanium substrate is possible to be used, when the anode coating has reached its operating life. We Tiaano also offering recoating service after cleaning.


Various shapes and sizes are available, including plates, rods and mesh;

·         Recovery and re-plating service available;

·         Superior corrosion resistance;

·         Uniform current distribution;

·         Greater catalytic nature;

·         Good thermal conductivity;

·         High mechanical stability;

·         No breakdown products build-up.

MMO Coated Titanium Anode for Metal Electroplating Applications:

·         Precious metal plating;

·         Hard chromium plating (gold, silver, palladium, etc.);

·         Copper plating,

·         Copper foil production

·         Copper foil treatment;

·         PCB copper plating;

·         Rotogravure plating.