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Electrochlorination is the only 100% safe chlorine technology as Cl2, in the form of a low concentrated hypo solution, is generated:

  • On-site (at the point of application)
  • On demand (only when required and always "fresh")
  • No bulk storage (because it is generated on demand)
  • Only basic and safe inputs are used (seawater + electricity, or, fresh water + salt + electricity)

When using an electrochlorinator, there is no need for any commercial chlorine products. It is a safe, economical and independent chlorine alternative to hazardous, high concentrated commercial chlorine products e.g. gaseous chlorine, commercial hypo and dry chlorine (granular calcium hypochlorite)
It is also safe for the environment:
  • No heavy metal pollution (e.g. copper or lead), and,
  • Chlorine decomposes back into common salt (sodium chloride) again

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