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Tiaano™ an Indian specialist is disinfecting water by electrolysis. We design, manufacture and maintain Electrochlorinators for Power Stations, Mining Industries, Desalination Plants, LNG production facilities, Sewage treatment plants, Offshore treatment system, Ballast Water treatment, Water Authorities (Potable and Wastewater), Swimming Pools and wide range of Industrial Processes as well.

Using our unique TITANIUM NOBEL METAL ANODES & the electrochemical processes, we produce the chlorinators, having capacity to produce of 5 grams/Hr to 1000 Kgs / Hr. Tiaano™ and its associates have vast experience in Dimensially Stable Anodes and their application. Anodes are reffered here. Our customers are spreaded over throughout the world.

We have our manufacturing base in Chennai and have distributors in worldwide. We can design, manufacture & supply complete electrochlorinator systems, alternately electrolyzer cells or any other components. Our team is made up by the specialists including Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, having more than 20 years experience in Electrochlorination and related electrolytic processes;

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We perform the work of the highest attainable quality in accordance with applicable codes, standards and customer specifications. We take the phrase of highest attainable quality quite seriously.

Tiaano Key-Persons
Tiaano Key-Persons

Tiaano Staff
Tiaano Staff
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