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The electrolyser consist of bi-polar anodes and cathodes that are arranged to form multiple cells. The number of cells depends on the specific design parameters and will vary from case to case.

All anodes and cathodes are made of titanium. Some cases, cathodes are made from Nickel alloy as well. Anodes require a coating of mixed metal oxides (MMO) of the platinum group of metals. This coating is essential for the generation of chlorine and can last between 5 to 8 years (All our anodes are guaranteed for 5 years continuous duty)

Tiaano™ offer two types of electrolysers:
Plate Electrolysers
Anodes and cathodes of solid titanium sheets are arranged to form multiple cells inside a horizontal PVC casing. This is the most popular and efficient design. It also offers the highest possible Cl2 concentration, for example:
  • 2,000 PPM in Seawater Systems.
  • 8,000 PPM in Fresh Water + Salt Water Systems.
  • 3 PPM in Swimming Pool Systems.
  • 10 PPM in Waste Water Treatment Systems.
This ensure all relevant hypo generation equipment (piping, fittings, hypo storage tanks, hypo dosing pumps) is of a minimum size, thus saving running and maintenance cost as well as requiring the minimum installation space. Plate electrolysers require frequent cleaning (de-scaling), This is done by either: acid washing (manual or automatic) or reverse polarity auto-self cleaning
Tubular Electrolysers
(Only for seawater applications) Anodes and cathodes of solid titanium tubes are arranged in a concentric tubular assembly where seawater is passed in the annular space between the outer and inner tubes. High velocity seawater will reduce scaling and thus acts as a continuous self-cleaning mechanism. These systems can't offer the same efficiency and high Cl2 concentration as plate electrolysers.

Marine Vessels
Waste Water
Brine Continuous
Brine Batch
Brine Portable
Swimming Pool