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All water contains dissolved calcium and magnesium. During electrolysis, calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide will deposit on the cathode, a process commonly referred to as “scaling”. It is a universal phenomenon with all electrochlorinators, without exception.

Scale is easily removed by flushing the electrolyser with 5% diluted hydrochloric acid. The process takes approx. 1 hour and is required as follows:

  • Seawater systems: After approx 10 days of continuous electrochlorination. The average down-time is therefore only about 0.4% of the running time.
  • Artificial brine systems: between 10 to 50+ days, depending on the hardness level of the supply water and salt supply (NOTE: If soft water and high purity salt is used, de-scaling may be required only once every one year)

The consumption of hydrochloric acid is very low and it is always re-used several times before additional acid is required to restore the acid concentration.

Tiaano™ is offering manual and automatic acid washing systems. There is also a range of acid-free self-cleaning electrochlorination systems e.g. tubular and, reverse polarity automatic self-cleaning plate electrolysers.

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