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The choice is clear...
Tiaano™... makes chlorine automatically...
To disinfect your pool and create clear, sparkling water

Think of the advantages of making chlorine on-site in exactly the right concentrations to precisely dose your swimming pool. It means that there is no need to store or handle bulk chemicals or tablets - and no risk of accidental over - dosage. Instead, you can rely on a system that works automatically to disinfect your pool. And your pool. And your customers will enjoy the benefits of having clear, clean water that is soft and free from the smell of chlorine.
How the system works
Tiaano™ is a miniaturized system for producing chlorine which is installed alongside your pool filtration unit. It consists of a compact control panel and an electrolytic chlorinator cell based on the latest technology.

To achieve the reaction, the pool water is mildly salted (0.4%) which is 90% less salty than normal seawater. As the water passes through the Electrolyser, the salt is converted into chlorine which disinfects it and kills any algae and bacteria. The water in the swimming pool becomes:-
  • Silky soft to the skin
  • With no salt taste
  • Kind to your hair
The process operates continuously whilst the filtration system is in action, cleansing the water thoroughly without the need for extra additives.
For precise and continuous pool protection
  • Chlorine monitor
  • Chlorine output control
  • Gas detection safety circuit
  • Resettable circuit breakers
  • Reliable silicon controlled rectifiers
  • Illuminated on/off switch
  • Timer
Proven technology - Quality manufacture
Tiaano™ uses the same, well proven technology that is used to produce chlorine on a commercial basis. The difference is that the Electrolyser cell has been miniaturized to deliver carefully controlled doses of chlorine directly in the flow of swimming pool water.

The system is produced by India based Tiaano™ who have over 20 years of experience in precision engineering. It is designed and manufactured to European quality standards under ISO 9000 2001 approval.

Standard Tiaano™ systems can be designed to produce chlorine at rates from 15 grams / hour to 50grams / hour for residential and commercial swimming pools and the system can also be sized for hot tubs and spas.
Tiaano™ Systems for swimming pools of every size
Pool Capacity 45,000 L 60,000 L 75,000 L 105,000 L 150,000 L
Flow rate 250LPM 330LPM 415LPM 585LPM 830LPM
Cl Output 15 Gph 20 Gph 25 Gph 35 Gph 50 Gph
AC Volts 50Hz 220V 220V 50Hz, 220V 50Hz, 220V 50Hz, 220V
DC Output V/A 7/15 7/20 7/25 7/35 7/50
Electrolyser Single Single Single Single Single

Tiaano™ is the ideal solution to disinfecting indoor and outdoor swimming pools in hotels, leisure clubs and apartments. Residences and members can enjoy the benefits of clean, clear water, free from irritating chlorine smells and itching eyes.

Operators have the advantage of a system that automatically provides the ‘optimum’ level of chlorine protection. Minimal maintenance is required and the system can be easily monitored via the control panel, saving time and ensuring a consistently high level of water quality.
  • No more over dosing with chlorine
  • No more chlorine smells or taste
  • No more red stinging eyes and itching skin.
  • No more need to purchase liquid chlorine or chlorine tablets
  • No more algae in your pool.
  • No more shock treatments.
Tiaano™... Made to European quality standards by the electro chlorination specialists
Tiaano™ has been developed by Tiaano™, the specialist electro chlorination division of Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt. Ltd., who has over 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of high quality process equipment for the water processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The design of Tiaano™ draws on this expertise in production of a highly efficient, miniaturized electro chlorination unit with an advanced control system to provide complete reliability in operation.

The system is produced under ISO 9001 : 2000 quality approval standards and comes with Tiaano™’s full after sales support through an international network of agents.
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