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Tiaano™ is a India based design and manufacturing company of on-site electrochlorinators. Our systems are used for light and heavy industrial applications all over the world.

We offer in-house technical innovation with practical experience for any custom design to meet the exact needs of our client’s specifications and application.

Our systems can be either:

  • Local or remote controlled
  • Plate or tubular electrolysers
  • Safe or hazardous areas systems (full certification optional)
  • Unlimited chlorine capacities (from a few kilograms to several tons of Cl2 / Day)
  • Manual or automatic acid cleaning systems
  • Acid-free self-cleaning electrochlorination systems, e.g. tubular or reverse polarity automatic self-cleaning electrolysers

All our systems are fail-safe, interlocked controlled systems where actual electrochlorination is only possible after all the safety interlocks are confirmed to be in a healthy and positive state.

Our electrochlorinators are designed to generate hypo with the highest chlorine concentration that is economically possible, for example:
  • 2,000 PPM in Seawater Systems.
  • 8,000 PPM in Fresh Water + Salt Water Systems.
  • 3 PPM in Swimming Pool Systems.
  • 10 PPM in Waste Water Treatment Systems.
This ensures all relevant hypo generation equipment (piping, fittings, hypo storage tanks, hypo dosing pumps) is of a minimum size, thus saving running and maintenance cost as well as requiring the minimum installation space.

Tiaano™ design and manufacture according to a strict QA plan and control procedures. All our systems are fully shop tested and inspected before shipment. Our systems come with a comprehensive warrantee and all related documentation and manuals.

Tiaano™ also offer a commissioning service and operator training.

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