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Electrocoagulation-electroflotation (ECF) technology is a treatment process of applying electrical current to treat and flocculate contaminants without having to add coagulations. Shammas et al. stated that coagulation occurs with the current being applied, capable of removing small particles since direct current applied, setting them into motion. Also electrocoagulation could reduce residue for waste production [1]. Electrocoagulation consists of pairs of metal sheets called electrodes, that are arranged in pairs of twoanodes and cathodes. Using the principles of electrochemistry, the cathode is oxidized (loses electrons), while the water is reduced (gains electrons), thereby making the wastewater better treated. When the cathode electrode makes contact with the wastewater, the metal is emitted into the apparatus.When this happens, the particulates are neutralized by the formation of hydroxide complexes for the purpose of forming agglomerates. These agglomerates begin to form at the bottom of the tank and can be siphen out through filtration. However, when one considers an electro coagulation-flotation apparatus, the particulates would instead float to the top of the tank by means of formed hydrogen bubbles that are created from the anode. The floated particulates can be skimmed from the top of the tank. To consider how effective the ECF reactor can be, one must consider the following inputs or variableswastewater type, pH, current density, type of metal electrodes (aluminum, steel, iron), number of electrodes, size of electrodes, and configuration of metals. These variables would affect the overall treatment time, kinetics, and also the removal efficiency measured. Electrocoagulation-flotation is an alternative method to classic chemical coagulation for many reasons. ECF is capable of reducing the need for chemicals due to the fact that the electrodes provide the coagulant. However, many individuals still use chemical coagulants to attempt to enhance treatment. Traditionally, chemical coagulation involves the use of alum (aluminum sulfate), ferric chloride (FeCl3), or ferrous sulfate (Fe2SO4) which can be very expensive depending on the volume of water treated. When applying the coagulant, the coagulant performs a similar function as the electrodes, neutralizing the charge of the particulates, thereby allow them to agglomerate and settle at the bottom of the tank. In addition, electrocoagulation-flotation is capable of reducing waste production from wastewater treatment and also reduces the time necessary for treatment. [More]

Electrode Assembly for Hypochlorous HOCl generator Miniature system

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Anode cathode assembly for HOCl generator. [More]

Fabrication & Supply of Titanium Mesh for Different Applications

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Titanium mesh is utilized in the several applications such as seawater- shipbuilding, military, mechanical industry, chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, medicine, satellite, aerospace, environmental industry, electroplating, battery, surgery, filtration, chemical filter, mechanical filter, oil filter, electromagnetic shielding, electric, power, water desalination, energy, paper industry, titanium electrode etc. [More]

Tiaano supply Titanium Sheet in Different grades, Shapes and dimensions as per ASTM Standard Specification

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Titanium are principally used for chemical process area where strength, Corrosion resistance, lightweight and ability to withstand extremes of temperature. It is 40% lighter than steel but as strong as high-strength steel. [More]

HOCl generator skid assembly custom made model with accessible amenities

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Anolyte hypochlorous acid is one of the planet’ s most best sterilizer which is 200% to 300% more effective than bleach and contain no alcohol and no chemicals and safe to consume anywhere. It is a most brilliant sterilizer which kill 99.9% pathogenic microorganisms including most virus within 30 seconds. Most impressive is that this is the ecofriendly and nontoxic for humans. [More]

Fabrication & Supply of Electrode Assembly for Chloro-Sanitizer Generator for the generation of Sodium hypochlorite

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Fabrication & Supply of Electrode assembly for Chloro-Sanitizer Generator for the generation of Sodium hypochlorite We Tiaano design, manufacture & Supply Chloro-Sanitizer Generator for generation of Sodium hypochlorite as disinfectant. We have supplied the electrode assembly of this Chloro-sanitizer to most of the OEMs. Based on the capacity of Generator, we design the electrodes and supply accordingly. Also, supplying the electrodes in different type as plate, mesh, Rod etc. We can assemble this electrode assembly in reactor tank and when we passing a DC power it will generate sodium hypochlorite in 8 hours with the concentration 8000 ppm. Some of our supplied electrode assembly images are given below.

Mission Possible with Hand in Hand - to provide user friendly and ease to use in common

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Our goal is to help in thier mission by providing the rawmaterial for the Chloro Sanitizer for figting aganist COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus. [More]

Do Sanitizer at you home # best solution for all bacteria and virus

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In this pandemic situation, we concentrate mostly on of our HOCL generator system which place an important role in this pandemic situation.  HOCL may use in many ways like sterilization, disinfection, gardening, hospitals, fogging  and much more. Powerful harmless solution act as a disinfectant and kill virus within 30 seconds.  

Municipality Commisionor Iniative Thiruverkadu becomes free from In Organic Disinfectant

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COVID-19 outbreak was declared as global pandemic, Indian Cities have been making significant efforts in sanitizing the cities, especially the public spaces which are considered risk prone [More]

Dhenupureeswarar Temple (Madambakkam) is now free from Covid-19 Corona Virus.

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The government has issued Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) after reopening religious places that are required to be followed while visiting. It includes physical distancing of at least six-feet, mandatory use of face masks, provisions of thermal screening, and a sanitizer dispenser at the entrance of the premises. The devotees will be allowed entry only if they adhere to the guidelines A priest in a Madhya Pradesh's Bhopal has objected to the use of sanitizers in temples and places of worship, due to its alcohol content. Keeping the Non Alcoholic in mind we have introduced this kind where in you have to use only water and edible salt for hand sanitation. With Great efforts from Adv M.K. Govindan and Our Chairman Mr. Jeyakumar on behalf of the temple and the villagers was incorporated at the Temple premises on 5th Sepemtember 2020. The devotees entering the premises will be provided hand sanitizers to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. Coronavirus outbreak has caused widespr... [More]

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